A Sustainable Ranch

Grass, forest, rolling hills, open sky and clear-running creeks grace the acres at Lucas Farms. People here work hard to provide good pasture for cattle, wildflowers for bees, planned forestry for wood and wildlife, and clean air and water into and out of the land.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture recognized ASAP-verified-badgethe ranch with Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program (ASAP) status, acknowledging our operation for proactively protecting the environment, employing sound management practices and using science-based technology to produce safe food, fuel and fiber for consumers.

In January 2020 the farm did a self assessment from the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB) criteria for cow/calf operations. The assessment was crafted by the Noble Research Institute to  “…provide opportunity to evaluate operations against the sustainability indicators that the [USRSB] has identified. The Tool is for educational purposes only, as it educates users on the indicators that make up sustainability, how such indicators can be used to assess a user’s business progress, and how to compare such progress from year to year.” Lucas Farms scored a good 90 percent from which to gauge, and plan further progress in our operations.

This is especially good news because we are unable to budget for third party verifications involving on-site consulting — and periodic re-evaluation. Thank you Noble and USRSB for giving us a manageable baseline for progress!