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Welcome to Lucas Farms!

Are you interested in where your food comes from? Lucas Farms is in the rolling Ozark Highlands of central Missouri. It’s a beautiful place, far from city lights. Our family farm has been around for nearly 100 years and has been raising very high-quality beef since the 1960’s. Since that time, we have worked to stay ahead of the curve, from managed grazing, grass-fed, to preserving our woodlands, managing clean water, soil erosion, excellent pasture, and cover for harsh winters + hot summers. We focus on raising Angus calves, from the very beginning and resulting in excellent beef you can buy here from Agridime our partner.

We do more than walk the talk. We certify what we say and ensure our customers can trace our beef back to us. In the end, our family is the steward of our corner of the earth, and the better we do, the more our land gives back. There is more about that in the following pages.