Time to welcome 2020

It feels like spring here, except this morning was frosty-cold at sunrise when I went to open the gate. We’re planning seeding and weaning and sale of last year’s fall calves — lots to think about now that the daily winter hay feeding-feeding is coming to an end.
2020 winter was rather mild, but we’re expecting wet and flooding when spring flowers.

The farm is lucky on that score, though neighbors are not so. The acres here hug a high ridge that only tickles water runs down stream. In heavy rain we get a upper watershed gush that prevents crossing, but even that subsides in a few hours. It leaves behind a few overflows and debris, but nothing like brethren down stream.
So it has been a happy new year here. Cows and calves are happily searching out green. Other cows are getting ready to bring new little ones into the world. The bulls and birds are singing (bulls sort of sing out challenges to each other all the time) and peepers are trying to keep us awake all night.
Happy new year to you, and happy spring, too.

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