Its 2022, really!!!

Well, we all survived 2021, and hopefully your family is doing well. Now that 2021 is behind us, and trust 2022 will be more positive, Lucas Farm is growing again.

We are re-certified* for BQA, ASAP, and IMI as we continue to work with the great team at Agridime. We had a good grass season last year so the momma’s and poppa’s are having a good winter in spite of a few sub-zero days and snow. Their coats are better than mine. Overall the herd is doing very well, and calves continue to be healthy and look great on our farm and Agridimes farm in Kansas a few hours away. There, they feed on different grasses native to the Flint Hills and are finished to customer choice.

* acronyms r us – BQA = Beef Quality Assurance ASAP = Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program. IMI = Verified Natural Beef Standard, Where food comes from

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