Happy New Year 2021

Little late here, but none the less, a sincere wish to everyone.

Strange dry winter here in Missouri — temperature has been hovering around 32 degrees. Well, except today it will pop into the 50s. We’ve had very little snow or rain, though, this morning, the frost was thick and fluffy like a little skim of cotton dust on windshields.

Cows and calves are doing well in this weather. Sunshine and warm days through early winter kept the grass green. It’s just now turned brown. We only had to supplement them with hay, but they sure go after haylage (fermented hay) when it’s out in pastures. It smells a little like beer — nice.

It’s good and easy to be away from civilization, self quarantined, in the rolling Ozark hills. It’s a pleasure for the New Year, really. Makes all the news seem distant like another planet of roiling political problems and sickness. But, I do have to go to town soon…

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