A new connection

We are finally reaching a good rhythm with Josh, Tia and Jason of the Agridime team. It has been a great experience working to find a new marketing channel for our calves.

We always say in the cattle business that nothing ever happens fast, so this project actually started three years ago with something I saw in the literature about an interesting new concept. A few months later I heard from Josh. Then a few months after that Jason came to visit us. When we shipped out our first group of calves, Josh , Tia and Jason all came to see us — maybe a lot to see our nice calves, too!

Final+PNG-720wLate last year Josh let us know that first group of calves graded very well at market! Exciting news for us because we have been setting ourselves up, for more years than I care to admit, to provide excellent beef.

Back to “nothing ever happens fast,” planning for calves starts with good bulls and good cows. We have very good legacy genetics in the cow herd. We also have great bull breeders right here in central Missouri. So, we’ve been marrying up local resources and crossing our fingers for years.

It takes nine months to open the cute little package and then about a year to see what’s inside — what you get on your table. It is great to know we are heading in the right direction with feedback through the Agridime system. Check it out!

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