August Smacks of Summer’s End

Today my squash plant took a droopy turn and hummingbirds outside the office window seem to be sucking up to head south. Kids are getting the last squeeze of fun out of summer days before school starts.

Nights are cool now, but probably just an interlude before the last blast of Missouri heat — when the Fescue grass goes so dormant I won’t have to mow anymore. We had a city-size (read, small) bonfire last night just off the porch, watching planets and stars twink on in the rich blue-black of space that we see here on earth. A nice night to bookend the heat just last week…

Cows and calves like this weather, too. I could hear them calling to each other over the last couple of days — that means they’re either on the wrong side of a fence, or just happy for cooler mornings… Dennis checked all the waterers this morning and walked around with young heifers and older weaned calves, giving them a little protein to grow on.


Last week one of our bulls put a good size butt-dimple in my truck fender when he tried to crowd into the garage — and then decided he needed to turn around. He probably pushed the truck body up over the frame a few inches while imprinting his hind end into the metal. Drat!

That’s life here, some idyllic and some unfortunate…

2 thoughts on “August Smacks of Summer’s End

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  2. FairDayRancher says:

    Well, my sister HAD to say nice things about my new web site — but she has been a teacher sort of person all her life, in greater New York boroughs, so that does carry some weight! Thanks Mary!

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