Welcome to my first post!

Top image is roundup day on the ranch. It happens 4 times per year when the vet comes to make sure everyone is healthy. People here work hard to make sure all cows and calves are calm and easy going all the time so that when we’re in close quarters, all animals are still easy to get along with.

Roundups are always a little stressful because cows and calves have to be separated for different medical attention. Each herd goes back together for first roundup, but second roundup is weaning day for calves — that means mother and child stay separated.

Cross-fence weaning reduces anxiety a lot — that’s putting calves on one side of the same fence with cows on the other. Last year some calves managed to stretch through the fence for milk on the other side! That just delayed the inevitable, so weaning days extended awhile for them. It’s usually three-to-five days of anxious calling back and forth until cows go about their usual business and calves settle into eating their own grass.

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